• Alice, Zoe and Smilla, beautiful dolls by Sylvia Natterer for Petitcollin, handmade in Europe.

    The beauty and softness of the Sylvia Natterer dolls by Petitcollin!

  • We have a gig choice of Müller Wichtel dolls by Rosemarie Müller!

    The dolls who do you good: the Wichtel dolls by Rosemarie Müller!

  • The Kidz'N'Cats dolls Robert and Laryn are madly in love!

    The Kidz'N'Cats dolls are beautiful play- and collectors dolls!

  • Adora, adorable romantique dolls for playing and collecting!

    Adora dolls are beautiful handmade dolls to play and to collect for all doll-lovers!